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never done qe elect the fed is doing it. i would have started raising rates a while ago. i do agree we are in a bond bubble. i don't know if it is epic or not, but we are in a bond bubble. the fed is confusing the market. that is no doubt about that. when it came time to do it, they pulled the football away like lucy, and they shocked everybody. i also don't believe this is all about the unemployment rate or the outlook for the economy. there is a thing called the taylor rule. i don't mean to get too complicated here, but it is a really simple rule. it tells the fed where it should set interest rates. back in the middle of the winter of '0, '09, it said rate should be negative 7%. liz: let me interrupt here. if we show where fed funds futures have been. for the past three years they have been at 02 a quarter percent. let's not forget mortgage rates. mortgage rates moving higher when the fed began telegraphing, tapering would start to happen. this almost like the fed panicked and now the fed is saying and peter bronze brought this up, as long as these rates stay low because they did com
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1